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Christ Nagar Senior Secondary School Trivandrum

Respected Teachers, Beloved Parents and dear Students,
Greetings and prayers from Christ Nagar Senior Secondary School, Thiruvallam, Thiruvananthapuram. It is Christmas Season- the season of joy and sharing.
I am so happy that you progress excellently with your online classes. Though there were speculations that the year would be declared ‘zero academic year’, we could continue with our classes and have almost come to the end of the class. Thanks to you, respected parents for your costly sweats to make our children present in the class. So grateful to the respected Teachers for the strenuous efforts and meticulous planning they had during the last ten months. It is neither copying of the history; nor recreating history, but we have written a new history. Let the story remain forever, that we fought together the Covid 19 and sang aloud: ‘we shall overcome….’
We had a handful of events, even during the Covid 19 to memorize and cherish. The virtual cultural fest, Onam celebration, Kids’ Day, Kerala Piravi etc., are a few to mention. The virtual class assemblies were excellent. It was providence for us to make use of the technology in a higher better way during the Covid 19 period. To acquire a Google platform as our own, was something marvellous and envious. We could get the G- Suite and have all our students into Gmail.
I hope your family's there,
Friends and neighbours, too.
So merry Christmas
From all of us to all of you.
May the Lord grant you and all your loved ones peace, joy, and goodwill.
Fr. Cyriac Kanayil CMI