Literary Association

To develop the varied interests and talents of the pupils we provide ample opportunity through a series of co-curricular activities. Students are given training in music, painting and other art forms. Besides formal coaching in music and art, they are given opportunity to get involved in artistic, cultural and social activities through various associations and clubs. Participation in one of the co-curricular activities is compulsory. In the continuous and comprehensive evaluation of the students the performance in one or two co-curricular activities will be observed and the grades will be entered in the progress report card/mark transcript.

One of the most important methods we use to develop creative talents in the literary, artistic and cultural fields are the weekly meetings of the Literary Association. The class-teacher gives necessary guidance and direction to the students for conducting these meetings in the most useful way. The elected secretary of the association organizes the meeting in consultation with the class-teacher. Besides the regular weekly literary associations in classes, students are expected to join and participate actively in at least two of the following organizations.